Wired up, on purpose

I think I have found a solution to a persistent problem that I experience. The problem (and the solution) is caffeine. I really, really, love caffeinated, sugary, soft drinks. Dr. Pepper is my favorite. I slam down twelve ounce Dr. Peppers at a furious pace on my “cheat weekends.” Yes, I’m now doing two cheat days a week. I’m still getting great results, so I figured why not. Anyway, soft drinks are a no-go the rest of the week. This presents a problem… caffeine withdrawal.

Caffeine is a neat substance. It is a psychoactive compound, and can have some really beneficial effects on the brain, not the least of which is heightened alertness. Please watch this video by CGP Grey, called Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever.

Now back to my problem. During the weekend I increase my caffeine power level to over 9000! (DBZ refrence… sorry) It feels great. The problem is that after a day or two off of the stuff I go through severe withdrawal symptoms, which can include headaches and extreme nausea. I have missed work over it in the past. It is that bad.

So, my solution: take caffeine tablets during the week. Simple, huh. Simple, yet very effective. Today I began taking 100 mg’s of caffeine in the morning. The effect is being super alert, high energy, and no caffeine crashes. 100 milligrams of caffeine is not much. It’s about the same amount in a cup of coffee, or a couple of twelve ounce Dr. Peppers. However, it is enough to do what I need.




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